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John McDonough is the president of College Funding Evolution, the program that provides financial planners with the opportunity to jumpstart their careers in college funding services, and teaches them how to move from this type of planning into a variety of advisory services for their clients. There is a replenishing pool of more than 10 million families who are in need of services to help them plan for college, and at the same time too many financial advisors struggling to gain enough clients. By delivering the right message, and accurately portraying the urgent situation at hand for families facing the expense of sending their children to college, an important symbiotic relationship can be developed that benefits all parties involved.

Financial advisors make 6 big mistakes that prevent them from winning the job as the financial advisor to clients who need their services.

  1. They do not accurately portray the immediate, urgent needs of their potential clients.
  2. They spread themselves too thin rather than focusing on their niche.
  3. They charge only commissions and no fees.
  4. They get “big case-itis” and try to bag the white elephant.
  5. They initially focus on areas that lack the urgency of college funding.
  6. They do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

Fortunately, College Funding Evolution has developed a 4 Phase plan to put advisors on the right track.

Phase 1 – Set up an urgency based marketing system, and market to a crowd with an actual pre-existing need or problem.

Phase 2 – Set up a fee based consulting system. Your time, expertise, and advice is worth a lot. If you offer value, people will be willing to pay.

Phase 3 – Open the door to future business. By offering successful solutions to pressing problems, you create a rapport with clients that can naturally lead to helping them with other financial planning issues.

Phase 4 – Ask this important question to college funding clients: “If while I’m reviewing your information I discover anything that can help your overall financial situation, would you like me to tell you about it on our next appointment?” Naturally clients will want to know this information, and by giving it, you both help them and display your expertise.

College Funding Freedom takes the successful model from College Funding Solutions and makes it available nationwide. For driven advisors who are serious about their practice and genuine in their desire to help clients with their finances, this can be a great opportunity to get the tools and support they need to run their very own independent College Funding practice. Visit the College Funding Evolution website at to find out more.

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