John McDonough

John-McDonoughJohn McDonough is the founder of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC, an organization of college-funding specialists. They offer resources and guidance to parents aiming to send their children to college or university. The Studemont Group focuses on legal and ethical ways parents can make changes to their finances, positioning their children for the best financial aid outcome. The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC has helped hundreds of parents finance their children’s education.  John McDonough is also an Authorized College Funding Advisor with The College Authority.

After attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, John McDonough began his career as a financial advisor. After a few years working for big name companies, John quickly realized that many companies placed profit ahead of the well being and concerns of their clients. As a lifelong athlete, John developed a strong sense of community, dedication, and commitment to those around him. He didn’t want to continue serving in a capacity that not only refused to help those in need, but completely neglected them. Instead, he turned his attention to developing his own organization, the Studemont Group.

College Funding Solutions LLC offers a variety of services including student counseling, college funding plans, and financial aid data gathering and processing. They help students select an academic career based on their talents and interests as well as prepare them for college entrance exams, placement tests, and interviews. Students are encouraged to be an active participant in securing the best financial aid packages, working alongside their parents so that the entire family becomes knowledgeable about and invested in the child’s academic future. The Studemont Group also offers a number of free resources including a college funding course, college planning senior checklist, and a nine-step breakdown of how to beat the high cost of college.

John McDonough and the Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC have made great strides in saving money for families. They work with over 800 colleges across the United States, including some Ivy Leagues, and have helped families receive an average of $19,000 in financial aid. They also help under-awarded families raise their financial aid packages on average $4,800. American universities often mis-award and under-award financial aid packages as well as compete with one another for top tier students. With the price of education increasing 7-8 percent every year, College Funding Solutions is determined to alleviate to the burden and create more college graduates in the extremely competitive job market. Families who work with the Studemont Group have been successful at some of the nation’s top universities.

Ultimately, John McDonough and the Studemont Group aim to help families send their children to college without draining retirement funds or completely altering their lifestyles. This website is dedicated to John McDonough’s mission of creating a smoother, more affordable college transition.